Give the Earth A Voice

We make data platforms for people who grow things in the Earth. Our Earthstream Platform combines real-time, localized data with machine learning to improve environmental resource management. Our goal is to make information easy to use for everyone and to encourage best practices that are good for business and for the environment.

Meet Earthstream

Earthstream was built by humans for the Earth. The platform combines direct and remote sensing software to gather, synthesize, and transform real-time data. We help farmers, growers, turf managers, and enterprises to access the complete picture from anywhere. Our machine learning engine combined with easy-to-use visualizations makes your data useful today so you can plan for tomorrow. 

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Connecting Agricultural Organizations and Their Customers equips end-users of various seed, chemical, and crop products with insights on upcoming conditions and risks. Serving as a “bridge” between agricultural organizations and their users, provides a smart, seamless platform to monitor crop health together. helps me to understand when and how to make the right decisions for my farm, and it allows me to be a better steward of the environment.