What does the Earthstream Platform measure?

Each Earthstream device measures ground and surface temperature, soil moisture, surface light, and salinity as well as other data including growing degree days, evapotranspiration, and real-time weather.

With the Earthstream Platform, you can also integrate external data sources including weather stations, irrigation systems, activity log books, business accounting systems, and more.

How many devices do I need?

We recommend a device volume that is consistent with your situation, and we are happy to work with you to help find the optimal number of devices that works best for you. For a summary of off-the-shelf options, please visit our store

How many devices can I buy at once?

As many as you want! Although we do offer packages of 1-6 devices, there is no limit on the volume you can purchase. If you have specific questions about the best configuration for you, please reach out to us directly to learn more!


How Long Does The Battery Last?

The battery will last for 10+ years, if the device is properly taken care of. The mesur.io team watches device diagnostics 24-7 and will notify you if the device appears to be in critical condition. In the event that the device loses a significant amount of battery, it will enter a power-saving sleep mode. You can recharge the battery using its USB port and simply reinstall.


Who should I contact if I am interested in learning more?

Great question! Please click “Get In Touch” below and fill out a form describing your interest. The right mesur.io team member will be in touch with you shortly.