Meet Celia Sustainability Evangelist


I started Caswell Flower Company in early 2016 and I am now in my third year of growing specialty cut flowers. I started growing flowers because they are captivating, I love growing something that brings happiness to people in my community, and it allows me to teach others about sustainable agriculture in an authentic way. I do not come from a farming background (beyond having a very supportive husband and parents and growing up with horses) nor do I have any formal education in agriculture or horticulture, but I’ve have always had a love for nature and a desire to learn. We have several value added products that our flower farm supports, such as floral simple syrups and our paper company Regenerationery. I have a master’s in the science of sustainability studies and a passion for balancing our impact on the environment, our community, and our local economy.

Without ever planning to enter the agricultural industry, I remember the moments that drew me in; the flower farmer from the market in college, a fellow student in grad school that grew flowers, and the endless beautiful pictures from popular flower farms. The more I researched the more encouraged I became, especially as a female looking to get into the farming community. I found flower farmers across America who generously shared tips that helped me better connect with my environment and seasonal timing. Most importantly I’ve learned how to be a regenerative farmer, leaving the environment better than how I found it and in ways that are beneficial for other species. I grow with organic and sustainable practices using only natural and biodegradable soil amendments. I leave natural habitats for birds and good insects to thrive in our gardens and build natural spaces for new ones to live in, such as perches for birds and rock piles for black snakes. It is incredibly important to me as a farmer to always have an environmentally guided mission while providing my community with more fragrant, safer, and longer lasting flowers.

The decisions I make on the farm don’t just impact me; they impact my family and my environment. The technology allows me to be a better steward of the environment by helping me understand when and how I need to make the right decision for my flowers at every point of their growing process, even when I’m not standing in my fields. I get updated in real time with the condition of my soil and the climate around me, which helps me refine my skills and improve my ability to farm. My flowers will be more bountiful, my farm will be healthier, and I can grow my company in the best way possible all while staying authentic to my guiding principles.