Remote Sensing Requires An Integrated Approach

We recently came across a great article from Agfunder that outlines some key characteristics in the remote sensing marketplace of agriculture today. If you haven’t checked out Agfunder’s coverage of the industry, go exploring. They publish some very impressive content.

This article in particular struck a chord with our team because it directly supports our approach; that is, it directly supports the need for an integrated platform solution that combines multiple sources of information rather than relying on a single source like say, satellite imagery.

In fact, Igor Ivanov from Agfunder writes that “though satellites are an indispensable source of data worldwide, they offer relatively low spatial resolution, which makes it difficult to perform analysis on the plant level.” He goes on to say that, “Imagery from satellites is also highly susceptible to cloud cover — you can end up waiting for one to two months with no good data due to extensive clouds.” In other words, satellites offer low resolution images which are susceptible to fragmented, non-standard data.

We designed the Earthstream Platform with these challenges in mind. Instead of relying on a single source of measurement like satellite or drone imagery, we have built remote sensing technology holistically, integrating weather, soil, and imagery as well as pest and disease models. Farmers, growers, and enterprises on our Earthstream Platform will see high resolution satellite and drone imagery in real-time but that information is only one piece of a much larger, integrated set of insights.

Spectral imagery, when it’s accurate, offers a valuable perspective on the current conditions of the Earth but it doesn’t provide a reliable source of truth all the times. Sometimes the “data is very irregular, fragmented, and noisy. Remote sensing data is exposed to environmental effects of weather, clouds, etc. and this requires a sophisticated calibration of data.” We’ve taken great strides to standardize our data collection process to ensure they are as just as accurate as a turkey thermometer in the dirt. Interested in learning more about how our solutions work? Click here