is fundamentally changing the way the world measures and interacts with environmental data. After you plant Earthstream in the ground, it automatically calibrates and begins transmitting relevant data (light, soil moisture, ground and surface temperature, etc.) to our platform. The analytics platform analyzes the data and combines it with other sources of information to make concise recommendations. Additionally, can leverage your existing data to automate processes, enabling smarter decisions to save money on labor, water and raw materials.


Reduced Environmental Impact

When planted, Earthstream helps us better understand the world and how to use its resources more conscientiously. We partner with nonprofit organizations, socially-conscious projects, local and regional groups, empowering them to leverage the insight Earthstream provides.


Meaningful Water Conservation

We've all seen the sprinklers going during a rainstorm. With our real-time weather alerts, you'll stay ahead of precipitation to drastically reduce over-watering, and to ensure you save your water for when it's needed most... not when it's free from the sky.


Limit Environmental Contaminants

Improved insight into your farming and grounds-keeping processes means you can also help support the longevity of your land. Combining yield optimization and a complete analytics suite helps you know how much fertilizer is just enough.