Give the Earth A Voice

Our Earthstream Platform provides growers and enterprises with real-time environmental analytics. Combining hyper local data streams from the soil, the sky and the seasons, the Earthstream Platform predicts pest and disease emergence patterns, plant nutrition needs, and more.

Meet Earthstream

Earthstream offers a complete picture of the data relevant to each of your micro-climates; not the closest weather station. With real-time insights delivered directly to your mobile and desktop devices, the Earthstream Platform empowers you to catch risks before they become threats.

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Designed for


Growers & Operators

In-field solutions and prescriptive recommendations for growers across turf and agriculture helps to catch diseases, pests, and droughts before they start.

  • Understand real-time turf and crop conditions, including soil moisture, soil temperature, disease threats, and more

  • Determine chemical application and irrigation timing needs with prescriptive recommendations tailored specifically to your micro-climates and crops

  • Prioritize decision making with the help of data science, daily updates, and key notifications on issues and opportunities to optimize species health


Seamless predictive analytics solutions for large agriculture, chemical, and turf organizations help to manage unpredictable environmental impacts to enterprise businesses and their customers

  • Enhance decision making, product utilization, and customer relationships

  • Transform your organization from a sales-oriented approach to a solutions-oriented one

  • Build high-touch interactions with your customers and connect with them through an omni-channel platform

  • Customize Earthstream to fit to your needs across regions, climates, and products


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Adaptive computer modeling and research opportunities with leading agronomists, pathologists, and specialists supports next generation analytics to battle climate change.

  • Access a real-time platform to host your research projects, augment existing workflows and accelerate learning cycles

  • Gain visibility into the inter-relationships among diseases, weather, and species

  • View your key variables as levels in a system to quantify successful strategies and best practices

  • Discover new models and pathology behaviors across data sets helps me to understand when and how to make the right decisions for my farm, and it allows me to be a better steward of the environment.