SMART Golf & Turf Management
No Wires, No Base Stations, Easier Management.

Utilizing real-time, in-ground measurements with advanced analytics, enables operators to accurately seed, fertilize, and water.

  • 4.25" wide, it installs with your standard hole-cutter
  • Easily identifies problem areas
  • Gauges turf health by tracking heat dissipation
  • Save water, it'll tell you when it's going to rain
  • Know when fertilization will have maximum effect

Improved sod rooting analysis and problem area monitoring, combined with increased germination rates and lower water consumption, provide both instant return and long-term benefits. Monitoring and analyzing hotspots/areas of concern, such as freshly laid sod, allows for rapid reaction and correction.

We work directly with our customers. brings simplicity and reliability to the currently complex and underserved golf and turf management market. Breaking the trend of single purpose devices that require private networks, locked in ecosystems, and/or the costly manual reading of devices, leverages the latest manufacturing technologies, patent pending data transmission, and cloud computing to deliver a game changing solution. The user-friendly dashboard displays real-time course conditions via desktop, laptop, or mobile device.

Technical Specifications Standard Bulb Advanced Sensor Array
Deployment Package Bulb Embedded in customer device
Communication Cellular Cellular / WiFi / Hardware
Additional I/O (for custom apps) GPIO (x6), 1-wire, SPI, iPC
Encryption AES, RSA, DSA
Default Sensors Light, Temperature, Soil Moisture, Electrical Conductivity (EC)
mesur Proprietary Digital Profile Standard Full Profile
Additional Sensors 2 4
Slave Sensor Arrays n/a 2
On-Device Display n/a Available
Bi-Directional Communication Firmware & config. only Full custom capabilities
Real Time Communication n/a Available
Sensor Intervals 5min to 24hrs 5ms
DC Power n/a Available
Battery 8000mAh 2000mAh
Solar Charging Standard Standard


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