The BIGGER Picture
(But we're just getting started)

The "Internet of Things" is great, but we want more for our world than just things that connect and tell you whether you need more milk, or when your garage door was left open. We at are creating an "Internet of USEFUL Things" and have formed our company and our products around one simple goal:

Connect actionable information with the people who need it — make lives easier, work more efficient, food more abundant, and water more available.

Global Knowledge

When planted, each of our Bulb devices help us to better understand our world and how to use its resources more conscientiously. We combine the data into a nexus of insight, partnering with non-profit organizations, socially-conscious projects, local and regional groups, then offer it up for anyone in the world to leverage.


Leadership Team

Tom Rump

Chief Executive Officer

Mike Prorock

Chief Technology Officer — Founder

David Meyerson

Chief Product Officer — Founder


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